Armstrong BC Good TIMES Tattoos
Okanagan trees Memorial eagle tattooOkanagan rose cover-up H Repair cherry blossom additionRose tattooOkanagan walk-in Tattoo snake head walk in Okanagan style More progressChrysanthemum closeupAlmost done this Hannya!Pet portrait back to back houndsGot some color into this leg.Chest birdsSome healed,  some freshOne more and done!Pieced together throatnessRelease the kraken !Ram skull, roses and jewel!!Healed CuchulainnDetails of CuchulainnBlack and grey helmet and dragonStart of a dragon and samurai armLock and keyStart of a back of blossomsLOVE FLOWERS!Deadly wolf faceMandalaHealed tentamanHannya and koi legBit o gardeningRosary rose and watchBoat of sailsRealistic skull and dailiesCloseups of roses and wolfZombie girlPoseidon bad picturesMore gardeningFun mothskullfaceGroup of hand jobsRocky !!!Unholy all-seeing steak healed and a huge coverupSkull and cloudsPhoenix beginningsRedhead pinup closeupLantern and moth halfsleeveFirst session. Penny farthing bike weirdnessPhoenix double coverupRen and StimpySquid n chestFinished owlSkull n fleurs. GREEN!Dad flightBlue n greenie!KoiSara's backpiece of a ship! Roses !Wolf headHarm noneSamurai skullCover-up in progress... second sitting on this onerazor on his head!Underwater!My version of a "no line" rosepatienceskull butterfly neckOUIJAgunslinger at high noonDragon arm coverupFun geometric patternHead on a headSnake and daggereagles love musicWingsJackalope spottedShark and anchorWalkin' awayWhere eagles dareReaper ripDragon half sleeveWerewolfLion and cubHyde and JeckyllHannya inside legOutside legOther sideOpium field reaperWatch, moth and rosesCaterpillarOctobackZombie attack!!!Zombies!dragon add-onSkull for coverupDragon up the middleFlower gardenFlower garden twoMy little ponyGypsy headSwoop!BlossomsBig lotus Foot shapesBlack n grey styleVIKING SMASH!Skull and swordLittle oneSkeleton hand and candleFeather actionBird flowerdragonfly: mosquito killerdivingcute little guy...progress chestQ-PIDpsychedelic forestskulkflowerwavefootcawUntitledfleursideUntitledUntitledAngelEAGLEUntitledWaveylegRubySkull! (so far)SwamplegSwampleg 2Mastodon album artFishfootUnicorn!AequitasVeritasBest drawingTime fliesLove life skulls Love life skulls 2Spacey leg 2FTW KnucksButterflies
Jasons Tattoos
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