COVID-19 Guidelines

We have a plan to keep our wonderful clients safe, along with the both of us at the shop! The level of safety is the same as before, with a few more procedures added into the mix.

The most important change - if you are exposed to the ill or you yourself are at-all-sick, "under the weather" or "getting over it", sniffles/cold-like symptoms or display any COVID19 symptoms, we will reschedule for a future date when you're cleared healthy again, minimum 14 days ahead. Your deposit is not at jeopardy in these cases. Please be honest.

The shop will operate as an appointment-only private studio, meaning the doors are locked during (and after!) business hours. No walk-ins will be permitted. "Call-ins" are always welcome - call to check out availability. Consultations will be handled through e-mail and phone calls, or Erin can help with straightforward ideas and tattoos to get you in faster. Make sure you have clear reference and as many details as required when we have our consult. As usual, I can design and draw anything you like.

Physical 2m distancing will be observed at all times except for during the tattoo process.

One person only per appointment. Couples, pals, drivers, etc, will not be permitted to enter. Just you. One exception to this rule will be made if you absolutely require assistance due to a mobility or medical issue.

Please put on a mask before entering the shop and keep it on the entire time, including while using the washroom. It's small in there and will be used by more than one person. Flush with the lid down and wash yer hands!

Knock or call to enter the shop. Your temperature will be taken via contactless digital thermometer and recorded. Arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment so we don't run into any congestion in the shop. Wash and/or sanitize your hands upon entering.

Bring only your ID, keys and phone. A disposable single-use barrier will be on the front desk for your items - All of them will be wiped down and sanitized. If you wish to bring along a change of clothes, please do so. Carry everything in your hands or pockets - no bags, if possible. The idea is to bring less items, please.

Arrive hydrated and fed - leave any food or drink in your car. We can pause if you need an eating or drinking break. Wash yer hands afterwards.

Payment will be made via e-transfer.

You will see more hand sanitizer around the shop. Use it!

As usual, do not touch 'near' or 'on' your tattoo while in the shop.

You will not be wearing gloves while at the shop because that's nonsense.

I'll be using a mask, as well as full eye protection. Other PPE will be used when appropriate as well.

Under normal circumstances, we sanitize door knobs (in/out), light switches and all surfaces, hard and porous. We will remain vigilant with our cleaning habits to keep us all safe!

We are confident in our ability to keep everybody safe, we just ask you closely follow the guidelines we're laying out and be honest about symptoms of sickness and recent contacts and we should all be just swell.