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Q: Yo, how much?!

A: Hard to say! I do work quickly and efficiently, so your tattoo will happen fairly quickly. The shop minimum is $100(+GST) and I'll quote single sitting pieces. For largescale, multiple sitting works, my rate is $180(+GST). Your best bet is to set up a consultation appointment to see how much your idea might cost. Also, rude way to ask about cost, man!

Q: How long will my tattoo take?

A: I don't dilly-dally, so lots gets done in a short period. I'm not a break taker, so my focus will be on the task at hand. Set up a consultation appointment or send a Consultation Form<-Click! I'll have a decent idea on how long your project or little tattoo might take us.

Q: What's a consultation appointment?

A: We set up a time in my schedule to talk about your idea. We go over your concept, size, placement, and budget. I take notes and do little sketches when necessary and set up a time to get your tattoo done. Upon booking a tattoo appointment, I ask a $100-200 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit. It goes towards the cost of your tattoo when you get it.

Q: I sent a mail/text/carrier pigeon and I haven't heard from you, it's been 25 minutes! Where ya at?

A: I do my best to keep a clean shop, do tattoos worth wearing and take care of what's in front of me at the time. I'll get back to you as soon as I'm able. I want to do your tattoo for you, so exercise some patience - you'll need some of that when you get the tattoo put on you anyways.